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If Your Websites Aren’t Working FOR You, They’re Working AGAINST You!

  • Have you questioned if social media is worth your effort?
  • Do you find yourself wasting time and getting frustrated?
  • Have you looked at your website and get a sense something is not right?
  • Is your message, benefits and transformation not clearly understood by your target market?
  • Are you unsure who your ideal client is and where to find them?
If Your Websites Aren’t Working For You – They’re Working Against You!!

Think about that for a minute. Which is happening to you right now?
How many thousands of dollars are you losing out on that you aren’t even aware of?

This is why I am shutting my office doors and spending 3 days with you so you come away with a complete “blueprint” for your site. Everything you need to take your new or improved website to the world.

Stop Treading Water and Start Swimming

I’m going to be opening the curtains to what really goes on with most web designers and agencies who never ask (or answer) this all-important question…
What is the goal of your website? What is the goal of your online presence?

The reality is your online platform is your biggest marketing opportunity and your chance to reach millions.

You and your business need some honest answers and at this event I’ll be giving them.

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InnerSurf International assists companies with their internet marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and how to get easily found so they get more clients and money into their organization while increasing their brand awareness and authority status.

Since 1985, InnerSurf International has been a computer consulting firm dealing with the latest technologies for innovation and marketing as well as office automation.

After being a leader for fax, Electronic Data Interchange, Remote solutions for handheld and trade show technologies, they now specialize in marketing solutions for businesses and corporations that leverage internet, social media, and mobile marketing to create a cohesive plan to bring you customers, sales and domination in your niche.

Services we excel at…

  • Online marketing consultant, internet marketing and website reviews
  • Website Refresh and social media, RSS, and blog integration update
  • Full Business Overhaul from brand, logo, USP, websites, social media, list building and internet domination
  • Website and marketing consulting and strategies – turnkey websites
  • Social media strategy, template, and marketing integration
  • Mobile website design, creation and marketing
  • Website and marketing consulting and strategies
  • Strategic brand management, brand consulting, logo development
  • Internet marketing consulting, specialists, consultants and solutions for small business
  • Business mentors, marketing ideas for small business
It is time to let us take you from your current look and results, to the new era of marketing – and we can help you through every facet of your business so you can make money for real.
It is the perfect combination to guarantee your success on the next steps of your journey!

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