Branded VIP

For Those Who Are Ready to Rise Above the Competition


Branded VIP Program

Do you need to get online fast?
Is time costing you money and lost clients?

Are you making an online impression where you:

  • Professionally Match
  • Look as Good Online as You Do Off
  • Attract Your Ideal Audience
  • Rise Above the Competition
  • Cause Visitors to Buy From You More Frequently and Easily
This program is about speed to market.

Get ready to be fully branded from end to end in Under 60 Days and supported in your marketing and growth for a FULL 6 MONTHS!

Even better, this is you taking advantage of my 30 years of marketing history, 20 years of website development and an ability for me to take your vision and create it for you. I take technology off your plate, so that you can work on what’s important to you – serving your clients, advancing your craft, and getting your message out to the world.

This program is for those who are committed to developing a new business or taking an existing business to new level and who want to get it right – now!

Get ready to breathe – put your project in trustworthy hands – and become a part of my family.

It’s my mission to get YOUR Business Seen and Heard.

This isn’t just about a website – it’s about developing your brand, creating your message and launching your vision.

You’re going to get what you need from this program but before I give you the ‘features’ of the program you will receive from this program something that no other service can provide – because we are a one-stop shop.

  • Your time back – no more worrying about what is happening with your websites – they’re getting done!
  • Me on your team for ideas and strategic thinking
  • Priority access to my technical support and me for your marketing questions
  • Speed to market – time is money, and when your sites don’t professionally match, that costs you bookings, clients,
    referrals and money. The question is how much are you losing every day.
  • DONE FOR YOU – yes – it’s done for you, but not just pretty graphics and interesting image placement, but the entire
    site is structured for a visitor experience to drive them to the purchase. This is a website with marketing results in mind.
  • Community and personal connections. This isn’t just a brand, logo, websites, a mentor, a coach, a consultant – this is a community for life that will nurture, encourage, help, serve, raise you up, celebrate with you, and hold you accountable making your dreams come true.
  • VIP and special treatment
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Promotion by me if applicable on launch to my database and followers

What can you expect besides a clear brand, message, superior positioning and website… 

How about assistance with your social media strategy, suggestions for offers, promotions, review of physical materials such as postcards or mailers, packaging and bundling your offerings, eCommerce integration, your unique selling proposition, target market definition, how to integrate other programs and products you have, where the money is in your business, how to leverage other medias such as books, speaking, TV, how to get speaking gigs, get on TV, get published, where to get reliable staff or VAs, how to do a book launch, product launch … pretty much anything I’ve done, I will be there to help you with for the duration of our time together.

1:1 Branding and Consult Call to:

Uncover Strengths, Experiences and Focus

  • Your optimum target market and how to reach them.
  • Your brand direction so you can be consistent from end to end
  • Your unique selling proposition to differentiate you from the competition.
  • What domain you should buy for your landing page for list building.
  • What gift to give to first time visitors to keep them engaged.
  • A full and thorough review of your website so you know what to improve on your website for professional match, rise above the competition, and promote your top producing products and services
  • Finding the money in your business.
  • Create a valuable list of your ideal clients and easily attract more leads Increase your conversions.
  • The social media strategy that works for you so you can spend your time more wisely.
  • A complete online action plan for your next year The OCC Call (Online Clarity Cleanse) will result in your determining the right focus, target market, product and direction with a strategy to take your marketing to the next level. This is so that what is now put in place for websites and social media is all in alignment with your complete online strategy.

Next – Design and Create Lead Capturing Landing Page :

From the OCC Consult, This Step is Expanded

Branding Elements

  • Logo Designed and Created
  • Page Banner and Graphic Elements
  • Identify Colors and Language for Your Target Market
  • Create Unique Selling Proposition and Call to Action
  • Facebook Graphic Header
  • Twitter Graphic Header
  • Linkedin Graphic Header
  • YouTube Graphic Header

Develop High Converting Giveaway Gift Offer

  • Gift Cover Graphic Designed and Created
  • Guide Giveaway Design Strategy for Maximum Conversion Results
  • Guide Effectiveness Review by Tracy of what you created
  • Develop call to action program/service offering with contents and brand identity

Direct Sales Marketing Copywriting

  • Copywriting for thank you Download Page For Attention Grabbing and Call to Action
  • Copywriting for irresistible initial offer
  • All provided text for master site will be reviewed and modified where needed for optimized flow and conversion

Fully Branded Custom Created Website

  • Fully branded website design for new look and layout
  • Integration of existing text into new design
  • Transfer of any blog content to new blog so data
  • Copywriting, design and creation of front index page for optimum impact
  • Design of new programs for market funnel and front index
  • Social media integration and message alignment
  • Page by page content updating/upgrading and marketing
  • Navigation structure is streamlined
  • Profile pages are highlighted such as speaker or a featured product
  • Strategy is built into every element of the site based on what is the results you want

Custom Consulting Access with Tracy

In this project, you have access for business strategy, target marketing and Social Media strategies with Tracy Repchuk. She is your consulting partner during this period. You can take advantage of 30 plus years of her business experiences.

  • As an author you can tap into the methods she used to become a 7x international best seller, and how she got a top New York literary to sign her and had Wiley Publishing come to her.
  • As a speaker and presenter, you have her experiences to draw from as a platform sales speaker and as a keynote speaker on international stages in over 37 countries.
  • Want more exposure? Tracy has appeared on over 20 international news segments and she continues to be sought after for TV appearances. Find out how she did that.
  • Business, finance, goals, staffing, systems and structure – just ask

Product Naming and Design

  • You’ll have your product and/or service program line up named and contents determined, so you know how to approach your clients for rapid attraction, conversion and results.

Live Training Days with Tracy

  • During the year Tracy closes the doors to her office and focuses her time with you so your plan is clear, you are held accountable, new social media advancements are shown to you, and your growth and learning is catapulted so you can continue to leverage the momentum you established. (location of events are Los Angeles area)

Full Year Long Mastermind

  • Every month we will get together on a call and focus on a specific learning topic you need to grow and expand your business. This is vital for continued accountability, expansion, support and focus.

Exclusive Client Only Community

  • Lifetime Access to Online Client Only Community

Google My Business

  • Claim and setup your Google My Business account or verify it
  • Enter or verify citations
  • Create an ‘Offer’ tab in the popup
  • Upload your image
  • In ‘Offer details’ write a brief information about your offer,
  • In ‘Offer title’ write an immediately eye-catching title for offer
  • Add a Start Date and End Date for the offer
  • Add a Coupon Code (if applicable)
  • Add a URL the customer will need to use to redeem the offer
  • Add text of any terms and conditions applicable to the offer
  • Add hours of service
  • Setup links to site and social media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Master Site – Keywords and Optimization Research and insertion of Meta Tags
  • Blog SEO strategy for fresh dynamic content for Google
  • YouTube SEO strategy

Tracking and Monitoring

  • Insertion of Google Analytics for tracking
  • Monitoring the account for data security
  • Setting up backups for data integrity
  • Integrate FaceBook Pixel for Audience building

Social Media

  • Lead gen strategy for FaceBook, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter
  • Social media graphic for meta tag display
  • Social media graphic template for your branded look and feel
  • Branded # hashtag recommendation

Technical Support

  • For website, autoresponder, domains, online accounts with tool recommendation for systemization and optimization

Complete Message to Millions Mastery System

12 Complete Modules with trainings, action guides and videos where you will learn the exact topics and sequence we used to reach 20,000,000 people in one year alone:

  • Create Your Message
  • Being Brand You
  • Online Strategies
  • Social Media Mastery
  • Outsourcing Success System
  • Launch Formula Secrets – Book/Product/Telesummit
  • Speaker and Speaking Strategies
  • Getting on TV
  • Your Million Dollar Design
  • Sales and Selling Strategies
  • Cash Generating Events
  • Getting Traffic and Attention

Lifetime Access to Internet Success Mastery

  • Lifetime Access to COMPLETE Internet Marketing System Training ($5000)
  • Niche and Keywords – Beat the Competition
  • Landing Pages and Blogs – Instant Attention from Google
  • Copywriting and Autoresponders – Communication that Converts
  • Membership Module – Passive Income Generator
  • Sales Page Mastery – Making a No Brainer Offer
  • Traffic Hurricane Formula – How to Keep the Cash Register Ringing

Lifetime Access to The Science of Social Media

  • Over 100 Training Videos of the top social media platforms
  • Checklists
  • How to Guides
  • Mindmaps
  • and more…

Website Maintenance and Support

In this project you get 6 months of maintenance and support for your website You’re in good hands with us!

Online and Branded

Benefits of Done For You

  • Your time back – no more worrying about what is happening with your websites – they’re getting done!
  • Me on your team for ideas and strategic thinking
  • Priority access to my technical support and me for your marketing questions
  • Speed to market – time is money, and when your sites don’t professionally match, that costs you bookings, clients, leads, conversions and a more rapid return on investment.

or Call 1.818.859.7210 for a consult and quote.