Mission, Purpose, Vision, Value

InnerSurf Online Services and Tracy Repchuk want your experience when dealing with them to be of the highest calibre.

Below are how we operate our business and lives.


To help clients, followers and subscribers attain their financial and business goals through the highest standard of online marketing, promotion and web presence while building a community that is confident about the delivery, ethics and trustworthiness of all members

Mission Statement

InnerSurf Online Services, in business since 1985, provides over 30 years of technology, marketing, web and social media; strategy, products, consulting and done for you services. We do this so that you can get the hassle free value and full concierge experience of one-stop shopping for all your online marketing needs. This allows us to create a long-term relationship of growth, sustainability, profit and visibility for your business.

Vision Statement:

InnerSurf Online Services will be the top connector of high quality reliable service providers with consumers, so consumers can easily locate, purchase and have a worry-free experience to get what they need, while we continue to be a positive influence for online marketing and philanthropy.

Company Values Statement

Values are essential to building great organizations, thriving communities, loving families and peaceful nations. Values are signposts for vision, strategies and choices. They are guidelines for behaviour and benchmarks for performance.

Below are the values of us and the company, and we need you to adopt these values as part of our corporate culture.

  1. We are only satisfied with knowing we did the very best in everything we do and are always striving to improve everything we do so if we see something needs improving, we tell you so it can be improved and if it’s within our ability to improve it, we assume responsibility and do it
  2. We work honestly, faithfully and respectfully with each other to ensure our tasks are met
  3. We communicate daily, respond to requests in a timely fashion, ask clarifying questions, and make sure to clearly understand my position, tasks, and performance expectations and measurements
  4. We work as a team always toward the bigger vision, and document our work thoroughly so as we move up someone else could easily assume our position with a full and thorough understanding of all the moving parts
  5. We continue to raise the bar as we take the time to improve our own personal and professional skills to always add value to what we bring and can do for the company
  6. We look for opportunities that fit the company to help improve profits, results, productivity, performance, service, quality, success, and influence
  7. We serve the customer at all times in a way that leaves them satisfied, listened to, understood and able to deliver what they need to do without attention or effort on what we are responsible for. A happy customer is one of our major success measurements.