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Welcome to some of my learning and course options for your selection. Here you’ll discover everything from how to create an online course guaranteed to sell to how get on TV. This is a decade of my life in this section with learning that can take you to 6 figures and beyond.

Remember if you have questions, just ask or call us at 818.859.7210. We can help you pick the program that is just right for where you are right now.


Your Million Dollar Design

This is about how to sell a product – BEFORE you even build it and then make 6 figures and beyond.I’m about to show you how to Get to 6 Figures Focused. A trend I have noticed is so many of you are so busy – but not making money. It’s time to focus on ONLY the tasks that make that happen and it’s easy to sucked into all the moving parts of a business that end up keeping you trapped.

Together we will meet for a total of 12 weeks. The weeks may not be consecutive – as some lessons will take you longer to do than others – so there may be a bigger gap between the lesson and the Q&A class with me. This will help you in the long run so you don’t get too overwhelmed with the pace.

Make sure you go often to the forum – this is how I will be communicating directly to you in between classes.

In this course we will cover how to:

Make 6 Figures in this easy to follow product blueprint

Leverage technology to automatically capture and control your prospect conversations

Put your follow up on autopilot and let the system do the grunt work for you

Make more money with 3 strategies you can apply easily

Take 1 core concept and create a million dollar design blueprint

Improve your closing rates and double your income

This is for you even if you have an online program – because what I will also be showing you is how to leverage that into a 6 figure repeating income – on demand.

Whether you have an idea for a product, are in the middle of creating one, have a successful one or are about to launch – there is something here for you – I can guarantee it. I’ve thought of everything – tested it – proven it and and now I’m going to walk you through it.

Message to Millions Mastermind

A year long mastermind program with Tracy as she trains you on specific business building techniques from creating your message to holding your own event and all things in between. Every month there is an additional Q&A call where you can ask anything, have her review your site, whatever you need to catapult your business to the next level.


The Complete Formula to Get Real Business Results!

Message to Millions Mastery

Give Me 15 Minutes and I’ll Show You Exactly How You Can Go From Zero
to a Product to an International Speaker and Even a Television Celebrity all by Following My Simple Step by Step Straight to the Point M2M System.

Create a Clear, Easy to Understand Message that is Benefit Rich and Appeals DIRECTLY to Your Target Audience

Establish Your Brand Consistently Across All Of Your Materials, Websites and Social Media

Become a Bestselling Author, World Renown Speaker or Appear on TV

Get Your Message Out There In a Big Way – Play the Bigger Game NOW

Have the Full Step By Step Technology For Business, Web, Social Media, Book, Stage and TV

Internet Success Mastery

Do You Have Unanswered Questions About Your Online Presence?

Would You Like To Have The Exact Steps For Instant Online Impact?

Still Wasting Time Trying To Figure It All Out?

Well Look No Further For The Answers Until You See This.