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Tracy Repchuk is a miraculous mentor. I have been lucky enough to have her on my team for only a short while, and already she has helped me make several of my dreams come true; I’m a best-selling author, I’m featured in an upcoming documentary about a topic near and dear to my heart, and I have a full slate of speaking engagements booked all thru the new year. Amazing!Her level of care and personal involvement is really extraordinary, and her graciousness and kindness to everyone she mentors is legendary.I’m very grateful to her for helping me get a rapid foothold in a complex world that I’m quite sure would have taken me years to achieve on my own.”

Jim Meskimen, Actor, Comedian, Speaker, Author

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Sam Rafoss


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Fantastic Frank Johnson


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“There are a lot of people who can do your websites, but there aren’t a lot of people that can create an effective digital marketing strategy and integrate it so that your websites perform for you. Tracy’s professionalism, talent, pervasive skills and 30 year history as a technology specialist provide you with the power you need to succeed online in any market. It was a joy working with her and I highly recommend you select her when you want your digital marketing to be done right. ”

Ray Edwards
Owner, Ray Edwards International, Inc. Direct Response Copywriter, Marketing and Advertising Consultant

Tracy is that rare combination in the business world; she knows what she’s doing, and you can trust that she will do it right. There is a short list of people I would recommend to my friends and colleagues; Tracy is on that short list. There’s an even shorter list of people I myself would hire; and Tracy is also on that list.

garyGary Stuart

“Partnering with Tracy Repchuk is always AMAZING! Her concise knowledge and execution of the behind the scenes task are nothing short of miraculous. She sees a BIGGER picture that most can barely comprehend and being guided by her expertise is highly recommended. She stops at nothing to rise to the top and more importantly take everyone with her on the way. Now that is HEART and a willingness to make peoples lives she touches enriched on every level. Yes, ALL of this and MORE from 1 dynamo called Tracy Repchuk. An honor and pleasure Gary Stuart

George Alger
TV, Video and Online Advertising.

I bestow my highest recommendation upon Tracy. She continuously exceeds expectations. She not only meets deadlines, she has delivered critical projects early. She smooths away all bumps in the road and just gets the job done – all with sincere warmth and optimism. Best of all, she is easy to work with and an excellent communicator. She is a model of true professionalism.


Wayne R. Hagerty “Wayne” (Attleboro, MA) I have researched many books looking for the answers I needed to succeed online only to feel like I had been suckered into another poorly explained, incomplete book. Either the authors of some of the materials have a serious issue in trying to teach or they just seemed to be putting books together to sell books. I decided to purchase the 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles book after stumbling over the title on Amazon. It arrived and dug in with the hope of learning something new that I could implement and make my business work. What I found was a step by step, day by day, manual – not a book really at all but a blueprint to do online marketing correctly. No teasers, no missing peaces, it all was their – I still can not believe it – finally someone got it right. Thanks

Susan M. Channell Tracy has been there and lives to tell the story. Getting a web site is only the tip of the iceberg and her book takes us below the surface where the Internet makes money for us average folks. From adapting the right mindset to selecting mentors to adsense advice, her book takes you into the realm of not only why but how. And she is clear this is not going to make you millions in 31 days, but is a blueprint to get there. Great reference for getting going.

William Baumgartner “Bill Baumgartner   Tracy’s book, “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles,” is an extremely valuable tool, that should be a part of every internet marketers toolbox. Her book is very clear about the steps needed to succeed in this business. I believe she is sincere about wanting others to be successful. Why do I say this, you ask? Who else would be so quick to answer an e-mail question I had concerning an issue I was having during my 31 day venture… on a Sunday evening, only hours after my request! and the good news, It wasn’t an autoresponder reply, but a very personal and specific answer to my question. Thank you Tracy!!!

Michael Kaye Your GPS system to creating internet wealth “I briefly met Tracy at the Mike Litman seminar in New York. I was the very excited guy that shared the stage with her which was an honor for me. I purchased her book “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” and it’s beat up already. You know when you find something that is important and you turn down the corner of the page well I got the whole book practically turned down and highlighted. My kids wanted to know how everything in the book is important. Well it is. The book is packed with a ton of information. I have read many books on Internet marketing and ordered many courses but I would have saved a lot of money and aggravation if I started with “31 days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” first. This book is “one of a kind” and will act as your GPS system to creating, maintaining and profiting with Internet Marketing. I highly recommend “31 days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles”. Dr. Michael J. Kaye

Bill Burniece I’ve read dozens of internet marketing books and this one is truly the first book I’ve found with a step-by-step roadmap to follow. Excellent job Tracy. Keep them coming.

L. Greenberg “The Skeptical CTO” (Cupertino, CA) I am starting an Internet business and have done hours of research and study on the basics. I have found Tracy’s book an easy read AND a great summary of all the best advice that I have heard. And, It’s ALL IN ONE PLACE! Save a lot of hours, get the book.

Paul Gropelli “paulinftmyers I say first read because I will keep this book as my bible to Internet Business. I was so tired of many attempts to get an internet business going, tried many of the infomercial schemes only to waste my money. If you are looking for a clear and honest text book for beginning your Internet business you will not go wrong with this book. I highly recommend it for its completeness, honesty and excellent information.

Kimberly S. Colvin This book brings simplicity to understanding internet marketing. I was stuck on how to take my business to the next level when Tracy’s book came from divine intervention to help me. The book has loads of powerful tools to walk you through step by step, anyone who is serious about having a business in the near future or taking one to the internet should read Tracy’s book, it is a must have in your business library….Tracy is the “Robert Kiyosaki” of Internet Marketing in this book. Thanks Tracey!!! Awesome Job! Respectfully, Kimberly

Head I have researched many books looking for the answers I needed to succeed online only to feel like I had been suckered into another poorly explained, incomplete book. Either the authors of some of the materials have a serious issue in trying to teach or they just seemed to be putting books together to sell books. I decided to purchase the 31 Days…

MauiBoy52 Finely, a book that makes total sense, loved the book with easy to follow steps. I will never miss a future edition.

Charles B. Browning I bought the second edition of this book in 2007 and glanced thru it. After learning more about internet marketing and making a lot of mistakes and spending a lot of money, I picked up Tracys book again and found it to be a great guide and a book with real value. Too bad I didn’t realize this several years ago. This book has “just the facts” and no missing chapters.

Michael Rebstock Tracy, You figured it out! Your attention to detail about the important things is awesome. I like the simple way you presented this valuable information. I was glued to your advice and took notes as I was reading. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I hope it helps many people along the way. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” Thanks Tracy!

B. E. Canning “author” (Midlands UK) Tracy this a wonderful book. I am using it to start my Internet Business and this book 31 days is the only book I feel I “Must Have” to get started. thank You for writing your experiences so at last I have a guide. John Canning

moviewatcher I bought this book, because of the title. Once I got to reading it I found it really has a 31-day schedule on how to really change your marketing plan into a money making one. I like schedules! I liked this book too. You may have heard, “Read this and change your life” before, but this book REALLY DOES IT! If you cannot afford to buy it then check your local library for one. Then when you’ve completed the 31-day schedule you’ll be able to buy one of your own. You can even buy some for your friends and help them change their lives too!

rosendp I couldn’t put this book down. Yes the title can make you think it’s all hype. But really, Tracy has nothing but the “Right Stuff” to get you going on your very own Internet marketing business. She really is an expert on the subject and passes on knowledge that is worth much more than the price of the book.

RoadTurn (USA) When your head is spinning from ten thousand guru/coaches all yelling your way at the same time, slow down and pick up this book. Tracy breaks it down to the step-by-step basics. She is balm to shattered nerves and a calm voice in the midst of confusion. Take it easy. Enjoy. Don Sturgill

Klaudia I am completely new on the Internet and had to read Tracy’s book 2 times … Now after reading and rereading Tracy’s book I understand the whole system and started selling. If I can understand it than so can you, buy it! check out my web-site sabinelabelle.com

Wally (Grapevine, TX) After reading many books on this subject, I can now discard all the others and replace them all with this one complete & concise book. It’s a close to “The Holy Grail” as you can get. Buy it > Study it > Keep it on your desk as a reference.

Y. pemba “book look” (new york) I bought this book in december as a part of my new year resolution which was about starting my new internet business. I did not know that Tracy started the book as a part of her new year resolution. I just went online- amazon.com and purchased about 4 books about internet marketing. I chose my books based on the number of reviews; because my phylosophy is that if 50 or more people read your book, it got to have some useful info. After reading the other three which were very informative by the way, I started implementing what they were teaching and even spent some money on more material; than I got stuck big time! I had no website and was scared to spend more money. As I usually do when I am stuck doing something I took some time off and really decided to think if this was what I really wanted to do, than 4 weeks later today I open tracy’s book and I was like yeah, this is really what I want to do, the energy that I am getting out of reading this book is just incredible. I know I will be successful in this. I am 100% positive. So, if you have tried other books and did not get anywhere, read Tracy’s book you will be inspired. Promised. Tracy thank you so much.


bernie-griffthBernie Griffiths Landing Pagewww.PhotographyStudioSecrets.com Site www.BernieGriffiths.com “Thank You Tracy, for changing my life. It seems hard to believe that it was only six months ago that I engaged you to lead me on the path of becoming a consultant.Consultancy was all new to me, but with your experience, guidance and focus, you have guided me to where I am now, and provided me with the websites and online structure I needed to make it easy.This week alone I have signed up nearly $8,000 of consulting clients, and I am negotiating a $50,000 consulting contract with a large company. I am settled now into my new career, and am at the moment moving to a great new office space. Thank you again. I really could not have achieved such success without your fantastic coaching.”